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Usage and etiquette of coffee cup

November 11, 2021

Just as tea has tea art and tea ceremony, we drink tea not only to quench our thirst, but also the complex process of Kung Fu tea can cultivate our self-cultivation and pleasure our body and mind. Standard coffee cup etiquette is the first step for us to drink coffee. Some people drink coffee has become a habit. They will also have coffee machines, coffee cups, coffee beans, etc. at home. It is also a pleasant thing for relatives and friends to get together at home and have a cup of coffee and chat about life. There are many reasons why everyone likes to drink coffee. Some people like its taste, and some people think it can refresh themselves after drinking coffee, but few people study the use methods and etiquette of drinking coffee.

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1. The coffee you drink after dinner is usually served in a pocket coffee cup. The cup ear is small and your fingers can't wear it out. However, if you use a larger cup, don't use your fingers to pass through the cup ring and then pick up the cup. The correct way to use coffee should be to hold the cup handle with your thumb and index finger, then lift the cup, hold the cup with your right hand and gently hold the coffee dish with your left hand

2. When drinking coffee, hold the coffee cup ear in your right hand, gently hold the coffee plate in your left hand, and slowly sip it to your mouth to avoid making a noise

3. If the freshly brewed coffee is too hot, you can use a coffee spoon to slowly stir the coffee to speed up the cooling, or wait for the coffee temperature to drop before drinking.

4. When adding sugar to coffee, the granulated sugar can be scooped with a coffee spoon and directly added to the cup; You can also use a sugar clip to clamp the sugar cube on the close side of the coffee dish, and then add the sugar cube to the cup with a coffee spoon.

5. The coffee spoon is specially used to stir coffee. You should take it out when drinking coffee.

6. The cups and plates for coffee are specially made, and the high-end coffee sets will be matched. They should be placed in the front or right of the drinker, and the cup ear should point to the right.

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