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Impact of epidemic on ceramic industry

November 11, 2021

At the time of epidemic prevention and control, everyone presents a state of "staying at home", which inevitably leads to various concerns. The national economy has also been affected to some extent, and major enterprises are also worried about the economic and overall development. Among them, the ceramic industry is also worried that the already depressed market will worsen and the operation will be more difficult. Therefore, in the case of the outbreak of the epidemic, what impact has the ceramic industry been affected?

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The biggest difference between ceramics and daily necessities is that daily necessities are "improvised consumption", which can also be said to be needed anytime, anywhere. Ceramics is a low-frequency consumption, and its consumption demand can be stored and delayed. Due to the unexpected outbreak of the Spring Festival epidemic, and the duration of the epidemic is also relatively long. During this period, it was supposed to be the peak of tourism, shopping and catering, but it didn't happen because of the epidemic. It was forgotten that these "instant consumption" didn't happen. Not only the business is bleak, even closed, but the rental cost still exists. Coupled with the economic losses caused by delaying business, the epidemic has also had a great impact on these industries.

At the same time, during the Spring Festival, ceramic merchants, production enterprises and sellers are also in a state of holiday. Compared with the industry of "instant consumption", the ceramic industry has also lost a lot. The delayed commencement of the ceramic industry will lead to a temporary shortage of product supply and digest part of the inventory, which may have a beneficial impact on opposing enterprises. On the surface, the sellers seem to have been greatly affected. In fact, in the case of the epidemic, the transaction has been suspended, and the follow-up can continue, but the store rent of delayed business is indispensable. As the impact of the epidemic on the export business is obvious, the export belongs to the order business. The channel is suddenly blocked, and the order may shift the direction. The impact is also visible. Therefore, the "forum for international development and cooperation of China's ceramic industry" actively promoted the international cooperation and development of China's ceramic industry under the new situation, deeply analyzed its trends and characteristics, and expressed its positive willingness to take ceramics as a link, strengthen international economic and trade exchanges and jointly overcome epidemic challenges.

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