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Creative Bohemian ceramic tableware

November 10, 2021

Bohemian series tableware, novel in the permeate some retro feelings, dazzling colorful patterns give you a strong sense of visual impact, clever and lovely, full of artistic atmosphere, harmonious color matching, rich and bright glaze color, create a dining table atmosphere, with hand-painted tracing, smooth and beautiful lines. Strong Bohemian style, feel the art in life, bring the beauty of nature home, bring a different dining experience.

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The high-temperature decal, with manual edge tracing, underglaze color technology, lead-free glaze coverage, is smooth, beautiful and healthy, isolated from food and coating layer, bright color, not easy to fade, and the beauty and practicability are integrated. The ingenious combination of relief design and tableware, three-dimensional aestheticism, brings a different artistic flavor to the dining table. With unique shape, you can enjoy delicious food, add a sense of ceremony to the table, and make the plate more appetizing. With elegant style, beautiful shape and a sense of life, it can be applied to both Chinese and Western food. It can light up every table and make the atmosphere warm and lively. The flower patterns on the tableware are as bright as fire, giving people a bright look.

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