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Green energy saving has become the trend of ceramic production

November 10, 2021

In recent years, China's ceramic industry has developed rapidly. Now China has become a real ceramic producing and consuming country in the world. The output of daily-use ceramics produced in China accounts for about 70% of the world, and the ceramic industry also plays an important role in the world building materials industry. With the rise of the real estate industry, the demand for ceramics has also increased steadily. At the same time, there are also many problems that restrict the healthy development of the ceramic industry, such as intensified homogeneous competition of products, relatively large consumption of resources and energy, less innovative scientific and technological achievements, rising raw material prices, intensified regulation of the real estate market, etc.

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Today, China has deeply promoted industrial energy conservation and green development, comprehensively formed a green manufacturing system, and comprehensively built green factories, green industrial parks and green manufacturing technology equipment in various industries and regions, so as to further reduce the consumption of production energy resources while improving processing efficiency. When the ceramic technology is not perfect, the patterns of products are few and the complexity is not high. People often pay attention to the quality of products and are not infatuated with the problem of decoration. With the development of the times, people hope to dress up more unique and creative in their own environment and country. Ceramic designers can express their emotions according to their own needs and design products of different colors and styles to meet the needs of consumers.

Since the industrial revolution, China has always advocated the concept of green environmental protection. As a representative of the traditional industry, the ceramic industry has been given the title of "three high", which has the problems of serious pollution and low efficiency. Therefore, some provinces of the country have also begun to take the lead in ecological construction, achieved remarkable results in the green transformation of production and lifestyle, deepened the four reductions and four increases, accelerated green development, and strictly controlled the "three high" projects. Energy saving, environmental protection, green and low-carbon have become the development trend and trend of ceramic industry. Providing energy-saving and environmental protection technologies and products by means of cleaner production has become an important content of international industrial competition. So as to stimulate the demand of various industries in the future market and drive the development of related industries.

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