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New Product Information-Fresh Pastoral Series Tableware

November 09, 2021

The "fresh pastoral style" series takes the simple and generous style as the design direction, and the appearance and overall tone of the modeling take the pastoral small and fresh style as the creation tone, so as to integrate this fresh and elegant color into the ceramic tableware and create a natural, simple and elegant living atmosphere.

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The decal pattern in fresh colors presents an elegant and atmospheric style. The dessert tray is shaped like a starfish, with fresh and pleasant flowers and elegant colors. Fresh and natural, vigorous and vivid.

Rich practical utensils, meet the needs of daily families, give you a dining experience with complete color, flavor and flavor, and contain a variety of delicious food. The colors and designs are set off, making the color more attractive. Delicacies need to be carried by elegant utensils, and exquisite life needs to be painted with a layer of different colors. This fresh pastoral style ceramic tableware decorates the dining table with different colors.

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