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Customer-centric service concept

November 08, 2021

The purpose of the service industry is to pursue excellent service! Service plays a huge role in the development of an enterprise and is a powerful tool for enterprise competition. In serving customers sincerely, highlight the characteristics of the company, give "service customers" with new concepts and content, and constantly pursue excellent services to add weight to the company's victory in the competition. Standardization is the basis for good service. Standardization helps to shape the corporate image and bring about a brand effect. Because they often deal with customers, their behavior has become an important criterion for customers to measure the level of service. By improving the quality of employees to create an overall external image so that customers feel that the organization we serve is professional and standardized.

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Sanbo Ceramic Factory adheres to the service concept of "customer-centered". The customer is the starting point of the service work, as well as the goal and destination of the service work. Starting from the customer's point of view, with the goal of improving service satisfaction, we proactively explore customer needs. Cultivate customers' sense of identity and belonging to our services, let customers recognize our services, and let them feel that we are their escorts.

In order to allow customers to receive the goods as soon as possible, our colleagues also insist on packing at night, so that customers are satisfied with our professional services.

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