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Method for cleaning tea set

November 08, 2021

Now many people like to drink tea. After drinking tea, some tea dirt and tea dirt will be produced. Tea dirt contains a variety of metal substances, such as cadmium, lead, iron and tribute. They will bring some harm to people when drinking tea. Therefore, we need to clean the tea set in time. So how can we better clean the tea set?

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1. Squeeze a small amount of toothpaste on the surface of the tea set, wipe it evenly with a paper towel or cotton swab, and then rinse it after a while

2. Soak the tea set in the solution of stain removing powder or bleach, stand for 1-2 hours, and then rinse with water

3. Before using the tea set for the first time, add cold water to boil, and then dry it naturally.

4. Tea sets will produce tea scale after long use. We can use sponge to dip in salt for friction to remove tea scale.

5. When we use metal tea, it will turn black because of tea dirt. We can soak it in vinegar and then clean it.

6. If there is strong tea scale that cannot be cleaned, it can be soaked in heated water with edible baking soda powder, and then the tea scale can be removed.

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