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Comparison of ceramic and glass cold water pots

November 08, 2021

In our daily life, the cold water kettle is a vessel for holding cold water in our home. The commonly used materials are ceramics, glass, plastic and so on. The appearance of glass is simple and generous, and the transparent material can grasp the internal situation at any time. Ceramic elegant atmosphere, easy to clean.

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The main advantages of ceramic cold water kettle are practical function, simple appearance and good-looking atmosphere; In terms of function, the large-capacity design can hold more cold boiled water to meet the water needs of a family, which is convenient to use. The ceramic itself is exquisite in workmanship, with designed patterns, simple straight body design and exquisite Decal technology. It is smooth and delicate, comfortable to touch and simple. If there are many family members, it may be more suitable to buy Ceramic cold water pots. In addition to the glass material, the glass cold kettle also has high borosilicate glass. It is made of healthy material with strong heat and cold resistance. It can withstand the temperature difference without cracking. It can heat water, prevent explosion and crack, and use it safely.

Among the materials of the cold water kettle, the most common are ceramic and glass. So which is better?

1. In terms of health and practicality, the glass kettle is made of glass and inorganic materials, which is more environmentally friendly and safe, smooth and delicate in appearance and convenient to clean; Although the ceramic kettle is also safe and healthy, the glass material may be better in cleaning, especially for tea, fruit juice and other drinks.

2. From the aspect of appearance, the appearance of ceramic kettle can increase its beauty through the design pattern on the ceramic surface, while most of the glass cold kettle is transparent.

To sum up, the ceramic cold water kettle and the glass cold water kettle have their own merits. There is no final conclusion on which is better. It depends on personal preferences and needs, so as to choose the one suitable for you.

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