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Customers come to visit our company in person

November 07, 2021

Last weekend, Palestinian customers visited our company in person. The general manager and sales manager of the company welcomed the arrival of the customers. And accompanied them to visit our factory-production workshop-warehouse area and watched the entire production process of ceramics. Then they visited our sample room and selected ceramic samples. The samples included exquisite underglaze tableware, coffee cup set, glass water set, ceramic tea set, ceramic casserole, ceramic cake stands, and so on.

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Through this visit, customers expressed that they have a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of daily ceramic products. He gave a high evaluation and full affirmation to the company's product design and praised our company's production technology and product quality.

Later, the general manager of our company had a meeting with the customer in the conference room, in-depth communication, and enthusiastic exchanges, and introduced them to the current innovative sales model, new products, and new product development concepts of Sanbo Home Furnishing Manufacturing. The customer said that they would maintain close communication and better cooperation in the future. Finally, they ordered ceramic bakeware and electroplated casserole and expressed satisfaction with our service. I also look forward to cooperating with our company in more fields in the future!

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