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Precautions for use of casserole

November 06, 2021

As the name suggests, casserole is a pot made of sandy pottery. It is also a kind of cooker. Traditional casseroles are ceramic products made of different raw materials, such as quartz and clay that are not easy to heat transfer. It is formed by firing at high temperature and has the characteristics of thermal stability, ventilation, uniform heating and slow heat dissipation. Casserole has the advantages of being loved by people, strong heat preservation ability, and it is not easy to lose nutrients in soup and stew. Due to the problems of manufacturing process and raw materials, the traditional casserole is not resistant to high temperature, easy to burst and can not be dry burned. In view of this problem, people have made in-depth research and improvement in recent years. Spodumene is added to the raw materials to produce a high-temperature resistant casserole, which presents a state of high-temperature dry burning and crack prevention, and improves the practicability of the casserole.

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Precautions for the use of casserole are as follows:

1. When using the casserole for the first time, it is best to cook porridge or thick rice soup to block the pores of the casserole and prevent water seepage. Rice soup can also absorb the peculiar smell of the new casserole.

2. Wipe the water outside the casserole before each use. Do not overflow or dry the soup in the pot.

3. Avoid adding too much or too little water or soup when using.

4. Handle with care during use to avoid collision and damage to the pot body.

5. The dry burning time should not be too long to prevent the bottom from being burnt.

6. If the inner wall of the casserole is painted with color, vinegar, wine, acidic drinks and food should not be stored.

7. Of course, the casserole should be placed on a dry wooden board when it is from the top to the bottom of the fire, not directly on the ceramic tile or cement floor, let alone where there is water, otherwise the casserole will break due to sudden cold and burn people.

8. When cooking in casserole, do not suddenly burn in the fire, but gradually heat it to avoid swelling and cracking.

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