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Import and export of daily-use ceramics

November 06, 2021

In recent years, with the growth of China's middle-income group, consumption behavior has shifted to high-end consumption, improvement consumption, personalized consumption, consumption upgrading leads to the growth of the demand for high-end products; In addition, the deepening of the national "One Belt and One Road" strategy and the tax rate policy of "expanding import" also effectively drives the import market, which has been suffering from weak market demand, and the demand for imported ceramic products is on the rise.

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China is not only the world's largest producer of household ceramics, but also the largest exporter. With the improvement of Chinese people's consumption level, the demand for foreign medium and high-end household ceramics in China's market has increased rapidly in recent years. The import scale continues to rise, and the demand of medium and high-end market also continues to rise. China's daily-use ceramic products are mainly commercial application market and household consumption, and household consumption accounts for a large proportion. Therefore, people have high requirements for the quality stability and rapid renewal speed of daily-use ceramic products.

As the world's largest producer and trader of daily ceramics, China's ceramic tableware is also exported to all over the world. Due to the continuous expansion of import scale, China's daily ceramic imports are mainly concentrated in the foreign high-end and domestic high-end market, the requirements of product quality and the rapid growth of commercial market has an inseparable relationship.

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