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Methods of purchasing ceramic tableware

November 05, 2021

In daily life, ceramics has become our necessary tableware, which is closely related to our health. Ceramics have rich shapes and bright colors. Although ceramics have brought us a lot of convenience in life, they still inevitably do some harm to the human body. Therefore, choosing ceramic tableware is also a knowledge.

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First of all, when selecting ceramic tableware, we need to pay attention to the color, smell whether there is peculiar smell, touch the tableware with our hands to see whether it is flat and smooth. Ceramic tableware with too bright color, peculiar smell and not bright is not recommended to buy. The most important thing is to go through formal channels when buying.

How to correctly purchase ceramic tableware:

1. It is recommended to buy hard porcelain tableware: it is made by burning at a high temperature of 1400 ℃. It is wear-resistant and durable. It can be used in microwave oven, disinfection cabinet and dishwasher.

2. The selection of supporting porcelain shall be compared with various accessories to see whether the style and picture decoration are consistent.

3. Whether the appearance is correct, whether there are damages, spots, bubbles and smoothness, and tableware with many surface scratches and cracks should not be purchased.

4. Avoid buying tableware with heavy metals such as lead and cadmium. It is best to choose tableware with white porcelain, overglaze color, color glaze color, etc.

5. Products marked for decoration shall not be used to contain food.

6. Thermal stability: heat the tableware to a certain extent and observe whether the tableware has cracks.

To sum up, when purchasing ceramic tableware, we should go to the formal market and choose carefully.

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