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Future trend of daily ceramic industry

November 05, 2021

With China's sustained economic growth and the continuous improvement of consumption level, as the most commonly used ceramic products for residents, the output scale of household ceramics also shows a stable growth trend. However, affected by the national energy conservation and environmental protection policies, the development model of daily-use ceramic industry is also continuously optimized and upgraded.

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China's ceramic industry will accelerate the integration process in the future. Due to differences in cultural background, living standards, aesthetic differences, climate differences and other aspects, products will further develop in the direction of diversification and personalization. Secondly, in the future, it will also show the trend of green consumption and fashion consumption, and embody the characteristics of green environmental protection and strong decoration in color glaze, It is in line with the national theory that "green water and Jinshan are Jinshan and Yinshan". In recent years, the development of science and technology in China is also obvious to all. The ceramic industry is a labor-intensive industry. With the continuous rise of labor costs, it is necessary to improve the intelligence and automation of the production process, so as to improve the production efficiency, which is also the trend of our future development.

With the continuous development of economy and the continuous improvement of people's income level and consumption ability, the development of China's daily-use ceramic industry will continue to show a good trend in the future.

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