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Classification of household ceramics

November 04, 2021

With the development of science and technology, the climate and conditions of each place are different. People use local raw materials, different formulas and production methods according to each region, and then develop many varieties of daily-use ceramics on the basis of "pottery" and "porcelain".

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The classification of daily ceramics can be divided into two categories:

1. Classification by porcelain types: it can be divided into daily porcelain, common porcelain, bone porcelain, fine pottery, fine porcelain, etc

(1). Stone porcelain light transmittance is poor, the section is stone

(2). General porcelain has a certain transmittance, the section is stone or shell

(3) fine porcelain has good light transmittance, fine section and conchshell shape

2. Classification according to the method of flower surface decoration

Glaze color, glaze color, underglaze color, color glaze, uncolored white porcelain and other decoration.

Underglaze color is a common decoration method, which is fired at about 1300℃. Varieties for painting, decals, underglaze multicolor, underglaze blue and white youligong, which is characterized by glaze layer protection in the picture, good luster, high temperature.

Daily ceramic catering appliances are convenient for high temperature disinfection, can be used for steaming, burning, cooking, baking food and other advantages for the majority of consumers love. Beautiful and elegant shape, decorative texture, not only has practical, more artistic, is a necessity in People's Daily life.

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