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Watermelon theme Dinnerware Sets Fruit plate

Watermelon theme Dinnerware Sets Fruit plate.
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Summer is a cool and colorful season, and it is also a season to enjoy food. The new fruit bowls allow you to enjoy more food in this season, such as salads, smoothies, ice creams, refreshing drinks, etc. The vivid fruit shapes, from the peel to the pulp, are so vivid and attractive, and the appetite will be greatly increased when you look at it. Use fruit as a bowl, and all meals are sweet. The use of green and environmentally friendly color glaze technology, does not contain heavy metals, so that your happiness has more health protection.

Product Iformation  

Place of origin: Chaozhou China 

Material: ceramic 

Name: Watermelon theme Dinnerware Sets Fruit plate

Pattern: Watermelon

Products: two round plates, one square plate and two small bowls, one large noodle bowl

Packing: customized packing 

ITEM NO: JT05421-25 

MOQ: 1 pcs for sample order, 3000 pcs for mass production

Exquisite, small, creative, beautiful and practical, it can hold rice, side dishes, sauces, fruits, salads, etc., allowing you to enjoy delicious food. 

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