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Blue duckling Tableware set Ceramic wholesale

Blue duckling Tableware set Ceramic wholesale.
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Fun cartoon patterns, tableware that adults and children love, keep every sweet delicacy light. The craftsmanship isolates the food and the paint layer, does not contain harmful substances, is bright in color and durable, and the baby can use it with confidence. Convenient heating, suitable for microwave ovens, ovens, etc., no need to search for heating utensils. There are many types of equipment to choose from when life is unremarkable but also interesting and cute. You can have daily meals, serving dishes or baking. 

Product Iformation

Name:  Creative cartoon ceramic net red duck tableware

Material: ceramic

ITEM NO: JT05409-20

Sizes: 5 inch bowl、Small bowl、Big bowl、Modeling bowl、8-inch disc、10 inch binaural disc、Single handle disc

Baked rice plate、Dumpling plate、Double grid disc、Modeling disc、Double ear bowl with cover

Feature: dishwasher and microwave safe    

Place of origin: Chaozhou China    

Packing: customized packing    

Service: OEM ODM

The instant noodle bowl with double ears is not hot to handle, and the heat preservation cover can also be used as a plate. The dumpling plate is a one-piece dumpling plate, one plate for one person and can make the sauce according to personal taste. The double grid plate is used to make snacks, snack plates, sauce plates are good, and the round plate can hold soup dishes and it is also very convenient.

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