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Cute little dinosaur Tea Set Ceramic Coffee Set Ceramic

Cute little dinosaur Tea Set Ceramic Coffee Set Ceramic.
The advantages of this product are undeniable. Combining with other types of furniture, this product will add warmth and character to any room.

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A three-piece set of fresh and cute little dinosaurs, including ceramic dinner bowls, mugs with lids and spoons, and ceramic dinner plates. Choose a set of cute cartoon tableware to let children learn to eat actively. Small dinosaur embossed flower surface, 3D texture, full of fun. The water cup is equipped with an intimate dust-proof cover, so the baby loves to drink water, and the mother can also save effort and rest assured. The high-quality porcelain clay is fired at high temperature for the second time, which is healthy and safe, and the baby is safe to use. Concave and convex handle design, non-slip more comfortable. The small dinosaur mixing spoon with silicone head is so cute and adorable.


Product Information

Name: Cartoon unicorn bowl plate cup children tableware sets  

Material: ceramic 

Place of origin: Chaozhou China 

Color: pink, green, blue, yellow    

ITEM NO: JT05402-4

Sizes: 11*6、18*3.2、12*8.5*9

Packing: customized packing    

Service: OEM ODM    

The minimalist tableware incorporates playful patterns, funny cartoon hand-painted, and multiple utensils of the same style, so that the meal is no longer ready. Add cuteness to life and join the dinosaur party together. 

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