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Production capacity and technology of sanbo ceramics

Sanbo Ceramics has always been focusing on the production of high-quality ceramic products, using green and environment-friendly raw materials, with novel and unique product design and advanced technology, to create new daily ceramic products. Behind this production capacity and technology, we can see the workers working in the production workshop, and can not help feeling that behind each piece of art, there is too much hard work and dedication, which can not be separated from a pair of hardworking hands.

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1. Ceramic body is the main body of ceramic products, and its performance determines the performance and application of ceramic products. The preparation of billets is of great significance in ceramic production process. For example, if iron removal is not complete, iron doping of ceramic body will affect the appearance quality of the product, and the reduction of whiteness and translucency will also produce spots. During the manufacturing process, it is usually necessary to store and/or pre dry the ceramic body before firing. There are certain requirements for temperature and humidity. At the same time, it also directly affects ceramic firing, subsequent processes and product quality.

2. The ceramic green can be formed by dry pressing, the granular materials can be put into the steel mold, and the powder green can be pressed into a specific shape. When the granular powders are pressed, they will approach each other and exhaust the internal air, so as to compact. The compactness and porosity of green body are related to the pressurizing time, mode and pressure. In the prior art, excessive pressure is easy to cause rapid gas discharge and green body cracking. If the pressure is too small, the gas in the green body can not be discharged, and porosity will appear after firing. If the pressure is appropriate, it needs to be pressed repeatedly to gradually discharge the gas from the green body. The efficiency of this method is low, so it is an urgent problem to improve the pressing quality and efficiency of ceramic body.

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