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What are the conveniences of ceramic dinnerware?

November 13, 2022

Ceramics are China's own invention with a long history. The habit of using ceramic tableware is handed down from generation to generation. The production process of ceramic tableware is also very advanced, with various forms and exquisite painting style, which is in line with the Chinese aesthetic. It is environment-friendly, sanitary, smooth and easy to clean. With strong plasticity and various patterns, it can be used to make tableware of various shapes. Chemical stability, durability, slow heat transfer, uneasy combustion, etc. These are the advantages of ceramics. So what is the convenience of ceramic tableware?

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1. For the ceramic tableware containing food, pay attention to the decoration of the food contact surface.

2. For ceramic tableware containing acidic food, try to choose products with less decorative patterns on the surface.

3. Pay attention to whether the pattern color is bright. If it is not bright, the temperature may not meet the requirements when baking flowers. The amount of lead and cadmium in this ceramic tableware product is often very high.

4. Pay special attention to ceramic tableware with patterns that can be wiped off by hand. Lead and rich in high solubility.

5. For the ceramic tableware that you don't trust, you can soak it in vinegar for several hours. If the color changes significantly, it should be discarded.

6. When purchasing microwave oven products, avoid metal decorative products, such as gold edge, silver edge or gold paper, metal wire, metal wire mosaic, etc.

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