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Are cheap ceramic cups poisonous?

October 30, 2022

Ceramic cups are mostly made of clay. In addition to clay, other inorganic non-metallic materials are added, which is safe and harmless. There are all kinds of ceramic cups on the market. Some people think that ceramic cups of the mall brand are very expensive, and it is difficult to buy ceramic cups on the roadside. They feel the same in appearance, there is no difference. Is cheap ceramic cup poisonous?

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1. When buying cheap ceramic cups, it should be noted that the ceramic itself will penetrate lead and other heavy metals, but the glaze on the surface can resist the penetration of heavy metals. When purchasing, carefully observe whether the glass is lack of glaze. If so, it will do great harm to the body.

2. The reason why these ceramic cups are cheap, or even lower than the cost, is that most of them are defective in appearance, or are leftover parts after they are big. Generally, the cheap ceramic cups on the market are stoneware, white porcelain or dolomite, and the cost is relatively low. What's more, the other large goods produced by the factory have covered the sales cost and can be disposed of cheaply to these people.

3. Drinking water is a very important thing in daily life. If you want to drink water from ceramic cups, you can consider choosing a big brand with quality assurance.

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