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Can I drink water after the ceramic cup has faded?

October 23, 2022

The raw materials of ceramic cups mainly include clay, glaze and painting materials. Clay is generally porcelain clay or pottery clay. The clay has quality difference, but there is basically no chemical addition. Glaze materials will form glazes similar to glass properties after high temperature, and a small amount of chemical additives will be added. More chemicals are added to the paint, including lead, mercury and other heavy metals. The quality of manufacturing and firing technology is directly related to the qualification of a ceramic cup. There is a high probability that the porcelain cup is discolored due to the nonstandard production process. So, can you drink water after the ceramic cup fades?

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1. First, know whether the color on the ceramic cup is safe. Next, let's see if the color on the ceramic cup contains harmful substances. If the ceramic cup is printed with a color pattern, the material contains lead, which is harmful to human health. The manufacturing process of ceramic cups is actually to burn on the surface of porcelain after firing, which is relatively safe in general life. If there is color or printing on the outside of the cup, it will not cause harm to people, because the paper film or various pigments printed on the film are non-toxic and harmless. The paper film is called polyvinyl butyral film, which is made of butyraldehyde and alcohol. The colors printed on the film are special ceramic pigments. If the ceramic cup fades due to the low temperature of the ceramic cup during the baking process, and the glaze of the ceramic cup starts to change, but the baking process has been completed before, the printed color is only attached to the surface of the ceramic cup, and the pattern will fall off when wiped with a wet towel. Therefore, it will not affect the use.

2. In daily life, it is recommended that people drink water with a ceramic cup without colored glaze, and try not to paint the inner wall and mouth where they will touch. Remember to go to the formal market to buy, it is better to have a clear test report. The ceramic cup of unknown origin on the stall, no matter how cheap it is, don't be tempted.

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