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Is there glaze on the inner wall of the ceramic cup?

October 09, 2022

The ceramic cup is mainly made of kaolin ceramics, which is a kind of clay mainly made of kaolinite. Pure kaolin is dense or loose, and its appearance is white and light gray. Now ceramic cups are more and more popular in the market, and many people are excited by the beauty of their ceramic cups. At the same time, it seems that we have neglected some small knowledge in the production, such as: Is there any glaze on the inner wall of the ceramic cup?

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1. The inner and outer walls of ceramic cups are glazed, but they are also divided into colored glaze, colored glaze and colored glaze. This kind of glaze is hung after firing and is made by strict production process. The inner wall glaze will not cause too much damage to the body.

2. The glaze on the inner wall of the ceramic cup mainly plays the role of increasing the aesthetic feeling of ceramic tiles. At the same time, glaze is a very dense material, which can play a very good antifouling effect and protect ceramics. Glazing on the inner wall of the ceramic cup is not to seal the bad substances in the ceramic, but also to protect the ceramic cup from being easily damaged.

3. Is glazing on the inner wall of ceramic cup harmful to human body? Colorful cups are very attractive, but you'd better not use them. Especially for colored cups with glazed inner walls, when they are filled with boiled water or highly acidic and alkaline drinks, toxic heavy metal elements such as lead in these pigments can easily be dissolved in the liquid. Drinking liquid containing chemical substances will be harmful to human health.

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