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Can I use the ceramic cup with cracks?

October 02, 2022

The Chinese are very thrifty in some aspects. Many things are broken, but they will continue to use them. The living conditions are good, but there is still a sense of frugality. However, for various reasons, many people do not know whether some items can be used continuously, such as ceramics, especially ceramic cups. Is there any crack in the ceramic cups that can be used?

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1. In principle, even if there are cracks in the glaze of the ceramic cup, do not continue to use it, because bacteria will hide in the cracks in the glaze. There are cracks on the glaze, indicating that the ceramic cup process is defective and the glaze is not well bonded.

2. Check whether your cup has glaze, whether the glaze has color, whether the color is toxic, and whether cracks crack into the glaze. The ceramic cup contains glaze. If the cup is broken, you'd better not use it to avoid scratching yourself.

3. When using the ceramic cup, once cracks are found, especially the ceramic products that often contact with food, do not continue to use, because the edible paint that protects the human body has been damaged, and regular contact will have an impact on the human body.

4. If it is only light fine lines, it can be used in a short time without drinking hot water. However, it is recommended to replace the ceramic cup with a new one. Because if the cup has cracks, it is easy to leave some bacteria and microorganisms after a long time. It is unhealthy to use such a cup. And the longer it takes, the bigger its cracks will be. There is a risk of breakage at any time, which is very unsafe. If the crack is large, it is recommended to use it directly and buy a new ceramic cup.

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