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How to avoid damage or deformation when storing wooden cake racks?

April 07, 2024

To ensure that the wooden cake rack remains intact for a long time and avoid damage or deformation, the correct storage method is crucial. Whether you are a professional baker or a baking enthusiast, storing the cake rack correctly can extend its lifespan and maintain its beautiful appearance. Therefore, when choosing a storage location and method, the following suggestions may be helpful to you

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1. Avoid damp environments: Avoid storing wooden cake racks in damp environments as moisture can cause the wood to absorb water and expand, leading to deformation or mold.

2. Stay away from high temperatures: Avoid exposing wooden cake racks to high temperatures, as high temperatures can cause wood to dry, crack, or deform.

3. Flat storage: Try to ensure that the wooden cake rack is placed horizontally during storage to avoid deformation caused by unstable or poor storage.

4. Avoid heavy pressure: Avoid placing heavy objects on wooden cake racks to prevent deformation or damage.

5. Regular maintenance: Regularly wipe the surface of the wooden cake rack with a soft cloth. You can apply a special wooden maintenance oil to maintain the luster and texture of the wooden cake rack.

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