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Why is the glaze of porcelain not smooth?

March 24, 2024

"The brilliant glaze color and delicate texture are the beauty of porcelain, and also the essence of ceramic craftsmanship. However, when we appreciate a piece of porcelain, we may often overlook one detail, which is whether the glaze surface is smooth like a mirror.". If the glaze is not smooth, it will make the entire porcelain lose its delicacy and perfection. So, what is the reason for the unsmooth glaze of porcelain? How to solve this problem? Let's delve deeper into the mystery of the unsmooth glaze of porcelain.

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1. Temperature issue during firing: When firing porcelain, if the temperature is not well controlled, it may cause the glaze to not completely melt, or if the temperature is too high, it may cause the glaze to crystallize too much, making the glaze feel uneven.

2. Glaze formulation issue: If the composition ratio of the glaze is incorrect or mixed unevenly, it will cause uneven glaze surface during the firing process.

3. Quality issue with porcelain body: The uneven texture or impurities of the porcelain body can directly affect the quality of the glaze, making it not smooth enough.

4. Glazing technology issue: Lack of proficiency in applying glaze materials or uneven thickness can also make the glaze surface feel uneven.

5. Fuel issue: Poor quality of fuel used during porcelain firing, or abnormal combustion process, may also cause uneven glaze surface.

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