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Customers visiting the company for procurement visits

After the New Year, the clients traveled thousands of miles to visit and cooperate with our company. This not only greatly affirms our Sanbo Ceramics, but also opens a new chapter for our company's development.

Accompanied by the general manager and salesperson, we visited the production workshop, sample room, office area, etc. During the visit, we gained a certain understanding of our products from material selection, processing to mud discharge, and affirmed our production capacity and service.

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     Both parties also had in-depth communication and exchange. The business manager provided a detailed introduction to our product categories, product quality, product supply system, and gave detailed explanations to the issues that customers were concerned about. The rich product knowledge and enthusiastic work attitude left a deep impression on the customers, and they gave them high praise.

    This visit not only strengthened the communication and cooperation between the company and international customers, but also opened up a broader market space for the company's future product sales. In the future, the company will provide higher quality products and services to more customers with more reliable products.

    One trust, ten responsibilities, speak with quality, and add points with service. We are determined to work together to create a better future.

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