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Suggestions for using ceramic dinnerware

January 07, 2024

Choosing suitable tableware not only enhances the dining experience, but also contributes to our health and environmental protection. Ceramic tableware has become the preferred choice for many people due to its exquisite appearance, high-quality materials, and diverse design styles. It is not only artistic, but also has a series of advantages, such as heat and cold resistance, easy cleaning, environmental protection and health. While enjoying delicious food, let's explore some suggestions for using ceramic tableware to add elegance and peace of mind to your dining table.

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1. Avoid excessive painting:

① Choose underglaze colored porcelain because this type of tableware is usually safer and contains less harmful substances.

② Try to avoid using too many painted and patterned ceramic tableware, as excessive painting may contain heavy metal elements such as lead and mercury.

2. Carefully choose the painted parts:

① Avoid using bowls and plates with painted inner walls, as direct contact between food and painted parts may lead to the dissolution of harmful substances.

② Choosing ceramics with fewer colors and a blue-green bias is usually safer.

3. Soaking treatment for new tableware:

① Newly purchased ceramic tableware can be soaked in vinegar for 2-3 hours to help dissolve harmful substances in the glaze.

② Colored porcelain is not suitable for heating in a microwave to prevent the release of harmful substances.

4. Regularly check the condition of tableware:

① Regularly inspect the surface of ceramic tableware for any damage or cracks, and avoid using damaged tableware to prevent bacterial growth.

② Pay attention to checking for any peeling or discoloration of the painted parts.

5. Use microwave with caution:

Avoid heating colored porcelain tableware in the microwave to prevent the release of harmful substances. (You can consult the merchant for details)

6. Hand washing tableware:

It is recommended to wash ceramic tableware by hand and avoid using a powerful dishwasher to prevent damage to the glaze and painting caused by the machine.

7. Pay attention to temperature difference:

To avoid sudden temperature changes, for example, ceramic tableware directly taken out of the refrigerator should not be immediately placed in hot water to avoid thermal tension and contraction, which may cause cracking.

By following these precautions, ceramic tableware can be used more safely and kept in good condition for a long time.

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