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How to choose a ceramic pot suitable for cooking?

December 10, 2023

Choosing a ceramic pot suitable for cooking is one of the important decisions for anyone who loves cooking. Ceramic pots are popular for their healthy and environmentally friendly characteristics, but there are various ceramic pots with different materials, sizes, and functions on the market, making selection somewhat difficult. Understanding some key factors and considerations when facing a wide range of ceramic pot options can help you make wise decisions.

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1. Material:

Ceramic pots are generally divided into two types: ceramic inner liner and ceramic coating layer. The ceramic inner liner is entirely made of ceramic materials, while the ceramic coating layer is a ceramic coating applied inside the pot. Pots with ceramic inner shells are usually more wear-resistant and less prone to sticking, while pots with ceramic coating are lighter and easier to clean.

2. Thermal conductivity:

The thermal conductivity of ceramic pots is generally poor, so they usually need to be simmered slowly. However, some high-quality ceramic cookware can provide good heat conduction, ensuring even heating of food and reducing the risk of overcooking and localized burning.

3. Capacity and size:

Choose the appropriate size ceramic pot based on your family size and cooking needs. Large pots are suitable for large-scale cooking, while small pots are suitable for small portion cooking.

4. Light blocking:

The color and texture of ceramic pots can affect the shading during cooking. In general, light colored ceramic pots have good shading performance, which can effectively absorb and maintain heat, while dark colored ceramic pots are prone to generating hot spots and local heating.

5. Durability:

Ceramic pots made of high-quality and durable ceramic materials can resist temperature shocks and wear, and have a longer service life. In addition, ceramic pots that have undergone special treatment can be selected to improve their durability.

6. Cleaning and maintenance:

Choose a ceramic pot that is easy to clean and maintain, preferably one that can be placed in a dishwasher for cleaning. Avoid using hard brushes or scrapers to avoid scratching the ceramic coating.

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