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Why can ceramic cups withstand high temperatures?

December 02, 2023

Ceramic cups are a common beverage container and are also widely used daily necessities. Due to its appearance and environmentally friendly characteristics, it is highly popular. People are starting to worry about a question, why can ceramic cups withstand high temperatures? It uses porcelain clay as the main raw material and undergoes processes such as molding, drying, and high-temperature firing to obtain its unique high-temperature stability.

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1. High melting point: The ceramic material used in ceramic cups usually has a high melting point, allowing it to remain stable at high temperatures. This means that ceramic cups are not easily deformed or cracked when heated.

2. Good thermal conductivity: Ceramic cups have good thermal conductivity, which can quickly transfer heat to the surface of the cup, allowing users to feel the temperature of the hot beverage without causing the cup body to overheat.

3. Low coefficient of thermal expansion: The coefficient of thermal expansion of ceramic cups is relatively low, which means that when heated, the size change of ceramic cups is relatively small, making them less prone to cracking or bursting.

4. High temperature resistance: Ceramic materials usually have good high temperature resistance and can maintain stable properties at high temperatures without releasing harmful substances.

5. Precautions: Although ceramic cups can withstand certain high temperatures, there are still some precautions to be taken to avoid breakage or deformation. Firstly, avoid putting ceramic cups directly into high-temperature places such as stoves and microwaves; When cleaning the cup, attention should be paid to the temperature changes of the cup. It is not advisable to put the hot cup into cold water to avoid the cup temperature causing it to break.

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