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What should be noted when customizing ceramic dinnerware ?

November 25, 2023

Ceramic tableware refers to utensils made of ceramic materials used for dining and dining, including plates, bowls, cups, teapots, etc. Ceramic tableware is usually made from ceramic clay through molding, firing, decoration and other processes. Due to the characteristics of ceramic materials, ceramic tableware has good thermal insulation performance, which can maintain the warmth of food and drinks. But everyone's preferences are different, what should we pay attention to when customizing styles, etc?

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1. Material selection: There are many types of materials for ceramic tableware, such as porcelain sand, clay, and stone. Choose the appropriate material based on the required functionality and usage environment.

2. Safety: Ensure that ceramic tableware meets food safety standards, is non-toxic and harmless. Choose manufacturers or brands with quality assurance to ensure the use of safe production processes and raw materials.

3. Design and Style: Choose designs and styles that suit personal taste based on your own needs and preferences. Personalized designs that meet individual needs can be customized, such as patterns, text, or logos on customized tableware.

4. Size and shape: Choose the appropriate size and shape according to actual needs to ensure that food can be stored and convenient to use. Considering the needs of different dishes and purposes, different sizes and shapes of tableware may be required.

5. Durability: Ceramic tableware needs to have sufficient durability to avoid being fragile or easily worn. Choose tableware with sturdy materials and exquisite craftsmanship to ensure a long service life.

6.Cleaning and Maintenance: Ceramic tableware usually needs to be hand washed, and choosing a style that is easy to clean and maintain can reduce maintenance trouble. Also, be careful not to use overly rough cleaning tools to avoid scratching the surface of tableware.

7. Price and Budget: Based on a comprehensive consideration of budget and personal needs, choose tableware that meets the budget and ensure a reasonable cost performance ratio.

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