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How to choose home ceramic dinnerware?

November 05, 2023

Choosing family ceramic tableware is to create an elegant dining environment, enhance the pleasure of dining, and bring a warm and harmonious atmosphere to the family. Choosing suitable ceramic tableware not only enhances the pleasure of dining, but also brings a warm and harmonious atmosphere to the family. Making a wise choice among numerous ceramic tableware requires considering multiple factors. Here are some key considerations that we hope can help you make the right decision when choosing home ceramic dinnerware.

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1. Avoid overglaze colored porcelain:

-Overglaze colored porcelain may contain harmful metals such as lead and cadmium, so long-term use may lead to the leakage of harmful substances, posing a potential threat to health.

-When choosing ceramic tableware, try to avoid choosing tableware with glazed decorations, especially those with painted inner walls.

2. Choose underglaze colored tableware for those who enjoy painting:

-If you prefer painted ceramic tableware, choosing underglaze colored tableware is a safer choice.

-Underglaze shirts are made during the production process of porcelain by first drawing colored patterns, then blending and high-temperature pressing. As the patterns are located in the lower layer of the sun, they do not fade or release harmful substances.

3. Consider functional tableware:

-If your economic conditions permit, consider choosing tableware with specific functions, such as microwave safe tableware.

-These functional tableware can provide additional convenience for your family while ensuring food safety and hygiene.

4. View manufacturer and certification:

-When purchasing household ceramic tableware, choose a reputable manufacturer or brand, which usually places greater emphasis on product quality and safety.

-Review product labels and certifications to ensure compliance with food safety standards.

5. Consider food types:

-Consider the type of food you usually consume to choose the appropriate tableware. Different types of ceramic tableware are suitable for different foods and drinks.

6. Cleaning and maintenance:

-Follow correct cleaning and maintenance methods to ensure the hygiene and longevity of ceramic tableware.

-Avoid using hard objects to scratch the ceramic surface to avoid damaging the glaze.

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