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A beautiful day, starting from container loading

Container loading and shipment are important links in logistics transportation, and correct operation can ensure the safe transportation and efficient shipment of goods. Warehouse personnel accurately count and classify the goods to ensure their accuracy and completeness. They plan shipment batches according to the destination and transportation method, and select suitable containers for each batch of goods.

The staff skillfully loaded the goods into the container and utilized the space reasonably to achieve the best loading effect. According to the characteristics of the goods, fragile and moisture prone goods are specially packaged and fixed to ensure the safety of the goods. The staff carefully inspect the container to ensure that it is free from damage and odors, providing a safe transportation environment for the goods.

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After completing the sealing strip of the container, warehouse personnel strictly inspect the integrity and safety of the sealing strip in accordance with regulations. By conducting reasonable container sealing operations, we ensure the safe transportation of goods and increase their tamper resistance. All container loading and shipping rings have been completed, and logistics personnel have arranged suitable transportation methods to deliver the goods to the destination on time.

Container loading and shipment is not only a process, but also a complex task. Through the efforts and professional operation of the staff, we can smoothly ship the goods and provide efficient and safe transportation services to customers.

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