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Can ceramic cups still be used after unglazing?

September 03, 2023

In daily life, everyone understands the importance of drinking water for their health. However, choosing a safe cup is indeed a confusing issue for many people. Ceramic cups are a popular choice for many people because they usually have an elegant appearance and good insulation performance. However, ceramic cups may experience unglazing during use, which means the glaze layer falls off. Can the ceramic cup still be used after unglazing? This is also a concern for many people. Let's take a look now.

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1. Safety issue: unglazed ceramic cups may have sharp edges or protruding defects, which may cause scratches or punctures when used.

2. Permeability issue: After unglazing, ceramic cups will have stronger permeability to liquids and cannot effectively prevent liquid leakage, which may lead to water leakage or overflow.

3. Temperature control issue: After unglazing, the ceramic cup may have a low ability to control temperature and cannot effectively maintain or insulate, affecting the temperature maintenance of the beverage.

4. Easy to crack: During use, unglazed ceramic cups are prone to cracking due to external impact and force due to the peeling of the protective layer on the surface.

5. Adsorption of Taste: The surface of the unglazed ceramic cup will become rough, making it easy to absorb the taste of food or drinks, making it difficult to completely clean, and may affect the taste of the next use.

6. Not suitable for hot drinks: A unglazed ceramic cup may cause the hot drink to come into direct contact with the ceramic itself. Without the protection of the glaze surface, there may be a risk of deformation, cracking, or even breakage of the ceramic cup during the heating process.

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