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How to use and maintain the colored glaze baking tray?

August 07, 2023

Color glaze is a colored coating applied to the surface of ceramic products. It is made of ore, oxides, or other chemical substances, which are sintered at high temperatures to fuse with the ceramic surface, forming a beautiful and protective coating. Color glaze can provide various colors and texture effects for ceramic products, enriching the decorative and ornamental properties of ceramic products.

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1. Preheating: Before using the colored glaze baking tray, it is recommended to preheat the furnace or oven to the appropriate temperature before placing the baking tray in. This can improve the baking effect and ensure that the food is evenly heated.

2. Mild cleaning: When cleaning the colored glaze baking tray, avoid using rough cleaning tools to avoid scratching the glaze surface. It is best to use a mild detergent and soft cloth for cleaning to thoroughly remove food residue and oil.

3. Avoid sudden heating and cooling: After using the colored glaze baking tray, avoid immediately placing it in cold water or on a cold countertop. Rapid cooling or heating may cause the baking tray to crack, so it is best to place it on a warm surface and let it cool naturally for a period of time before cleaning.

4. Prevent scratches: In order to protect the glaze of the colored glaze baking tray, avoid cutting or stirring food on the baking tray with knives or sharp metal tools. Use suitable baking tools, such as baking shovels or baking nets, to move food.

5. Storage method: When storing the colored glaze baking tray, it is best to place it in a dry and ventilated place to avoid stacking and avoid friction and collision. If there is a ceramic or porcelain baking tray cover, it can be used to protect the baking tray and prevent dust and debris from adhering.

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