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What are the issues to pay attention to when choosing dinnerware?

May 07, 2023

Tableware is closely related to human health, as they have the closest contact with food. Some people may say that just washing the pot is not enough. In fact, the internal quality of tableware is also very important. Improper choices can have a negative impact on our health. The variety of tableware on the market now is really dazzling. Materials are generally divided into ceramics, enamel, wood, bamboo, plastic, glass, iron, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, etc. Scientific research has shown that some tableware contains certain toxic substances. After coming into contact with some food, toxic substances can enter the food and be harmful to human health. So be particularly cautious when choosing tableware.

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1. Do not use ceramic tableware to store acidic foods and beverages such as juice, wine, and coffee for a long time. Because the longer the ceramic tableware is used to hold acidic food or beverages, the higher the temperature, and the easier it is to dissolve lead, which is equivalent to exacerbating the toxic side effects of lead dissolution.

2. When choosing ceramic tableware, do not use glaze decoration, especially do not spray paint on the inner walls of ceramic tableware. You can choose between underglaze color or underglaze color decoration. For example, blue and white is a type of ceramic that people like to decorate with underglaze colors.

3. The purchased ceramic tableware should be soaked in water containing food and boiled first, which can remove most toxic substances and greatly reduce the potential harm of ceramic tableware to the human body.

4.Although the painted colors on the inner walls of ceramic tableware are bright, the colored glaze contains heavy metal elements such as lead, mercury, and cadmium. Among them, cadmium and lead can easily cause liver or other visceral toxicity, while mercury can cause liver and kidney sclerosis. The more glazed ceramics are, the brighter their colors are, and the more compounds such as lead and cadmium are present.

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