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Learn the tips for choosing coffee cups to make coffee time better.

April 23, 2023

Firstly, how do you start selecting coffee cups from the basics? The original taste of coffee can be felt most in porcelain coffee cups. However, when it comes to coffee producing areas, locals can still drink fragments of bamboo utensils and pottery, which has changed my definition of coffee cups. Drinking the same coffee, but due to the shape and material of the coffee cup, you will feel different sourness and bitterness. There are three key points to choosing a coffee cup.

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1. Internal color

Vision has a significant impact on taste. If you choose ceramic coffee cups or cups with colors inside, it is difficult to distinguish colors during extraction and it is easy to distort the judgment of chromaticity. When you want to enjoy the amber color of coffee while drinking, it is recommended to choose a white coffee cup inside.

2. Width of the cup body

The structure of the human tongue feels that the tip of the tongue is sweet, while the side and base of the tongue are sour and bitter, respectively. A cup with an open body allows coffee to fill the mouth when entering, making it particularly suitable for coffee with a strong sour taste. On the other hand, a slender coffee cup can make the coffee rush directly towards the throat, making it easy to feel bitter when drinking.

3. Thickness of cup mouth

The thinner the edge of the coffee cup, the less it will disturb the feeling of coffee entry. Some people say that a thick coffee cup will make people notice the texture of the cup in hand, but it is not suitable for tasting coffee, but in fact, many people prefer coffee cups with a touch.

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