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How many misunderstandings do you know about ceramic tableware?

March 12, 2023

It should be a kind of enjoyment to use ceramic tableware. There is a common custom in the world, that is to give good ceramic tableware when entertaining guests. So is China. It's really a pleasure to eat with beautiful porcelain. What kind of porcelain is used for cooking, square and round, long and flat, plates, plates and spoons, all of which are very particular, especially the picture decoration.

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1. "As long as it is bone china tableware, it will be guaranteed" This is wrong. Bone china is made of animal bone charcoal rich in calcium phosphate. Qualified bone porcelain is guaranteed, but some low-quality and low-price bone porcelain products, even pure white ones, have a high amount of heavy metal dissolution, so there is no guarantee.

2. "As long as there are flowers in the ceramic tableware, it is bad" is wrong. Generally speaking, underglaze painting is very safe, and the color of underglaze painting is relatively light, and the smoothness and brightness are also very problematic. In short, the higher the ceramic temperature, the better the combination of the picture and glaze, and the deeper the glaze melts, the more secure it will be.

3. "As long as it is white porcelain, it is guaranteed." Not accurate. High-temperature white porcelain, with temperature above 1300 ℃, is guaranteed. However, if the white porcelain below 1200 degrees has a smooth and bright glaze color, it must be distinguished. When it is not convenient to distinguish, try to use it as neutral food, cold food, avoid too sour and salty, or use it for high temperature cooking.

4. "Try to use less ceramic tableware." This is a very ridiculous view. Ceramic tableware is one of the important manifestations of human civilization. Ceramic tableware is also a safe tableware. However, with the progress of modern industry, the increase of ceramic tableware decoration methods, the use of lead and cadmium in the ceramic processing process, and the rough production of some enterprises have led to greater hidden dangers of ceramic tableware. As long as we pay attention to life and use ceramic tableware correctly, there will be no problem.

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