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Methods to identify the quality of ceramic tableware

January 28, 2023

With the improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to three meals a day. However, in contrast, ceramic tableware used to hold delicious food still plays an outdated role of practicality rather than delicacy. The bowl at home broke, and many housewives picked up some colorful dishes from the stall. I don't know that these seemingly beautiful ceramic tableware may save money, but there may be a problem of excessive lead dissolution. There are many kinds of ceramic tableware, including magnesium porcelain tableware, magnesium strengthened porcelain tableware and strengthened porcelain tableware. Now inferior ceramic tableware frequently appears. In order to ensure that you can buy environmentally friendly, safe, practical and beautiful ceramic tableware, it is very important to master the correct identification method.

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1. Test

Some ceramics have covers, and some ceramics are composed of several parts. When selecting ceramics, don't forget to try to cover and assemble the parts to see if they are suitable.

2. Ratio

For porcelain, you need accessories to see if the appearance and decoration are consistent.. Especially the set or blue and white porcelain, because the porcelain is exquisite, because the color changes with the light, a set of several or even a dozen pieces of cold porcelain, if the blue and white color is significantly different, this set of porcelain will be greatly selected.

3. Listen

The sound made by gently playing the ceramic, such as crisp and pleasant, indicates that the ceramic tire is fine, dense and free of cracks. When fired at high temperature, the porcelain is complete and the quality is improved.

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