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What kind of bowl is healthier?

December 19, 2022

The use of bowls in China has a very long history, and its origin cannot be verified. Generally, bowls on the market are round in shape and square in size. There are many kinds of bowl materials. Bowls are necessities in our life, but seemingly insignificant things contain a lot of knowledge. Will the materials used for porcelain bowls, plastic bowls, even silver bowls and gold bowls affect our health? So, what kind of bowl is the healthiest?

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1. It is the healthiest to choose porcelain bowls. There are many kinds of bowls on the market, including ceramic bowls, metal bowls, wooden bowls, stainless steel bowls, bamboo bowls, plastic tableware, etc. The performance of ceramic bowl will be stable and heat-resistant. Generally, no harmful substances will volatilize, so ceramic bowls will be healthier to use.

2. Metal bowls generally include silver bowls, copper bowls, aluminum bowls, etc. Silver bowl has a certain bactericidal effect, but it is expensive, while aluminum bowl will affect your health. Although the material of stainless steel is also very good, its heat insulation is not very good and it is easy to burn. Plastic tableware contains harmful substances after heating, which will be harmful to the body.

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