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How to maintain ceramic gifts?

November 27, 2022

Ceramic gifts are made by traditional Chinese craftsmen. They originated in ancient China and have a long history. With the development of science and technology, the production technology of ceramic products is getting higher and higher. Of course, the performance of ceramic products is getting stronger and stronger. It has a long history, so ceramic gifts usually have a strong cultural color and are loved by people.

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1. Modern ceramic gifts are more and more widely used in people's homes and fields, becoming a decorative product with certain characteristics.

2. The ideal way to store ceramic gifts is to put them in a customized box with a sponge or foam pad. Don't put two pieces of porcelain together. If you must put them together, you must make them mainly to avoid bad ones. When selecting and placing porcelain statues, you must pay attention to the hair and fingers of the sculpture, because they are very fragile and easy to damage. At the same time, when lifting the sculpture, avoid grasping the head of the sculpture with one hand. Because the head and hand of the sculpture are mostly directly inserted into the neck or body, in order to prevent the separation of the head and body, you need to hold the statue with one hand. Come back and hold the bottom of the statue with one hand.

3. Keep your hands clean and dry when playing with ceramic gifts, and then take down the ring, because the ring will scratch the glass surface of porcelain. The big bottle of the body and the big action of the body are usually composed of two parts, so the upper neck of the handpiece cannot be used. You should hold the bottom with one hand and the neck with the other, so as not to sew the fragile parts together. The ears are decorated with bottles and portraits.

4. Do not lift your ears when picking and falling off to avoid damage and destruction. Grab the body of the object, not the handle or porcelain ornaments, because these places are easy to break.

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