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How to choose a satisfactory coffee cup?

November 20, 2022

As a coffee lover, it is very important to have a satisfied coffee cup, but did you know that this type of coffee cup will not greatly reduce the taste of caffeine. The types of professional coffee cups include standard coffee cup, latte coffee cup, espresso cup, double espresso cup, mug, breakfast cup and single cup coffee cup. 8 hellip&hl, that is, what to do with all kinds of coffee cups? According to the material of the coffee cup, it can be divided into the following categories.

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1. Porcelain cups: They are divided into white porcelain and bone porcelain, among which white coffee cups are the most popular. Because white is easy to see the color concentration of coffee at home:

2. Ceramic cup: Although the surface of this coffee cup is rough, which is not conducive to cleaning, it has a good texture.

3. Glass: This kind of glass can better observe the color concentration of the cake and better show the height of the fancy.

4. Coffee cup: There are three kinds of coffee cups in common use: ceramic cup, porcelain cup and bone china cup. Bone china cups are often used for coffee. Bone china cup is light in texture, good in light transmission, soft in color and high in porosity. Importantly, this soft coffee cup can lower the temperature of the coffee in the cup more slowly.

5. In addition, according to different coffee varieties, coffee cups have different choices:

Espresso uses a special coffee cup below 100CC1, and a latte mug with a high proportion of milk. Drinking coffee is about temperature, so what kind of cup you choose will also affect the taste of coffee.

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