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How to test the safety of ceramic dinnerware?

November 06, 2022

Ceramic tableware not only has various colors and shapes, but also is delicate, smooth and beautiful; No rust, no decay, no water absorption, easy cleaning, strong decoration. Nowadays, people have new requirements on the performance and quality of ceramic tableware: the amount of lead, cadmium and other harmful heavy metal salts should not exceed the standard; It has a certain bearing capacity under cold and hot impact, that is, it has a certain service life; Style, floral design, appearance quality, etc. It should meet the requirements of the times. For health reasons, people pay more attention to its safety.

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1. The quality of ceramic tableware can be identified by heat resistance, microwave oven adaptability, water absorption, heavy metal migration, etc.

2. Thermal shock resistance is a characteristic index indicating the ability of ceramic products to resist sharp changes in external temperature without cracking and damage.

3. The adaptability test of microwave oven is due to the water absorption of domestic ceramic products. During the cleaning process after use, the product will also absorb some water. In microwave ovens and ovens, evaporation of moisture can cause product breakage or damage.

4. Few products may be cracked in microwave ovens and ovens due to the rapid evaporation of water and the inability of water vapor to escape through unglazed products.

5. When choosing ceramic tableware, try not to choose overglaze decoration, especially the inner wall of ceramic tableware. This is because the manufacturer will add some auxiliary solvents containing lead, cadmium and other heavy metals when firing ceramic tableware, so that the pigment can effectively combine with the ceramic body.

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